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Patient Resources: Websites and Forums


Someone in the student nursing forum just posted a website for chf patients (to help us students)...however, I'm interested in starting a thread where we could post sites that are good support sites for folks with various conditions, etc.

Here are a few to prime the pump:

1. For CHF patients:


2. Here's one I hung out on before my hysterectomy (my first, and so far, only, time under general anesthesia)


3. Here's another one, neurology forums, supported by Mass General:


tho I remember it better by this URL:


This is where I went when I started having "periodic limb movements of sleep"

(not to be confused with restless leg syndrome), but there are LOTS and LOTS of different disease topics, from Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, etc., to Mitochondrial diseases...

4. http://www.walkers.org

"Walkers-in-darkeness" -- especially for folks suffering from depression and manic-depression (unipolar and bipolar disorders)

5. http://www.pmppals.org/

For suffers of pseudomyxoma peritonei, a very rare form of cancer, sometimes called "cancer of the appendix." I know about this because one of the ppl in my Church is dying from it.

Others??? Thanks!!!!


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