Practicing What We Preach: Patient Teaching and Cigars

  1. I posted this in the general forum but am thinking it belongs here also...

    Let me start by saying that I have a long history of depression and anxiety.... I take part in one on one therapy and medications which has greatly helped but I have one unorthodox technique that gives me concern: I love cigars.... I have discovered that a cigar at the end of the week or during a high stress time like exam weekends they help me relax and reflect and enjoy the outdoors and slow down for a second.... I am aware of the negative effects of smoking and tobacco products which brings me some guilt when I tell a patient they need to avoid tobacco.... I think I am just venting but is it really so wrong that I like them.... Not in an addictive way but as a relaxing social mechanism.... I sometimes like to sit outside and study while I have a good smoke.... I have found this to be a fun hobby much how I have done with beer (but much cheaper) and realize that there is a big community out there that take part in discovering different tastes and types and I enjoy doing this... Does anyone else have experience like this that may help? Just trying to understand my confusion.... Thanks and happy nursing!
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  3. by   Grumble88
    A cigar or two a week is fine, it's when you smoke more days than not that it becomes a real health threat