Pct Or cna

  1. I'm torn between the two!! I can start my cna course Tuesday. 4 weeks, 3 days a week. Or go too a community college for me PTC ( I've got credits to use there), which interests me because I will learn phlebotomy And EKG. My end goal is RN hopefully, working in hopefully a hospital
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  3. by   mindofmidwifery
    Where do you live? Where I live, most PCT positions prefer or require a CNA license or prior experience.
  4. by   Murphjen
    I'm in Colorado. The patient Care technician is a stacked certificate. Includes phlebotomy cna and ekg
  5. by   FoxyProxy215
    PCT. You'll learn more skills, and won't be called an "ass wiper", like I was called. I became a Dialysis Tech, and was able to do a lot more and it feels more rewarding. Although I love caring for ppl as a CNA, I got sick of the disrespect from higher ups. One RN came in the shower room while I was showering a resident and asked me to put a foot rest on a residents wheelchair, she said it wasn't her job. Maybe you should do both for the experience, it couldn't hurt being as though CNA only takes 4 weeks.
  6. by   Murphjen
    Yikes! That truly isn't cool!!! . I'm torn. Do
    You think the way to go is pct?
  7. by   FoxyProxy215
    Go with the CNA, then also apply for PCT jobs. In Philadelphia, Pa you don't need experience or a CNA to be a PCT. The hospitals train.Just a high school diploma is needed, but the CNA helps. Listen, I've seen ppl get stuck in CNA... And never learn any new skills, at least you'll gain better experience in my opinion as a PCT. My job trained me as a dialysis PCT then I took the state exam and became a Dialysis Tech(same thing)... So to wrap up, go for the cna, but go after pct jobs. It's almost the same as cna, but you learn phlebotomy, which is a career in itself. Sorry excuse the typos, my phone is giving me hell.
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  8. by   FoxyProxy215
    Also FRESENIUS and DAVITA trains for pct. So you'll be getting on the job training. Check them out.
  9. by   Murphjen
    Yeah that's why I thought the PCT would be nice
    I could learn phlebotomy and ekg. Now I'm thinking I just go the RN route . I'm so confused. I'm 45 I have ran my own photography business for 17 years. Have worked a full time job to help make ends meet after my divorce in 2012. Nursing always been an interest to me, but now that I'm READY to go back too school I know I'll need to do All my pre reqs. And get my cna, right? I just thought going the PCT route make a better idea, plus faster. :/
  10. by   PRican
    I would say go for the CNA. Most Patient Care Tech jobs require some kind of patient care experience. Also, some colleges require that you get your CNA before applying for the RN program. I have been working as a CNA for over three years and I finally landed a hospital job as a PCT. The hospital I got hired by is training me to become a Patient Care Tech. Maybe the same will happen for you after you get the experience you need.

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