1. Hello All,

    I need to know if I am doing the right thing. I am currently working as a PCT for a staffing agency. There is so much miscommunication between the agency and the hospital about what my role is, the hours I am expected to work. Not to mention, I accepted a 12$/hr pay cut! I accepted this job because I was once a CNA but my cert expired and because I truly want to become a nurse.. I have been away from the healthcare industry for a while (close to 10 years) but since I have decided to go back to school for Nursing I thought I would start from the bottom and work my way back up.

    Easier said than done.... I am struggling with knowing what my role is and I truly cannot deal with BM (I never have been able to deal with it). I feel like I'm not going to be able to become a nurse if I can't deal with basic patient care. I literally cried on my way to work last night and am not happy about going in tomorrow. I don't want to be a quitter, and I KNOW becoming a nurse is what I want. If anyone has any encouraging advice please share.
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  3. by   Tacomaboy3
    One thing you said seems contradictory - you said you absolutely know you want to become a nurse, but you can't deal with basic patient care. I don't understand that, unless you want an RN position away from the bedside. CNA and PCT work ABSOLUTELY are a part of the RN scope of practice, so I hope you learn those skills.

    It sounds like you need to contact your employer (the staffing agency) about your role, and have them discuss your role with the facility you're working at.
  4. by   Angel_11
    Thanks for replying. I definitely know that Nursing is what I want but I struggle with dealing with incontinent care specifically. No other bodily fluids or secretions bother me. And because I struggle with it I feel like I won't be able to be a Nurse.
  5. by   alyssaaw94
    I'd recommend find a job with he hospital itself to lose all the confusion.