New PCT on OB Acute....questions about job duties...?

  1. So I'm really nervous. I haven't yet worked as a PCT/CNA since getting my certification in June, and now I'm currently in orientation with a huge hospital in our area and I'm freaking out because I'm not sure what to expect or if I'll be good enough when it comes down to handling everything and remembering all the stuff they teach you!

    So, has anyone worked on OB? What kinds of things should I expect to be doing? Aside from changing beds, vitals and assisting to the restroom of course!

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  3. by   blackbird singing
    Oh you are so lucky!! Those jobs are few and far between and they get 500 applicants for each one. I wish I was chosen, but given no experience, I wasn't very lucky.
    OB Tech seems to be a more common term, so you should try the search forum here to see more about that. I don't know if you draw labs, but they seem to do that, scrub in for c/s, setting up for deliveries, cleaning up afterwards, and just providing general care like getting popcicles and ice chips....but that is based on my own research when I was trying to get a job as one.
    Good luck to you, lucky one!!
  4. by   ORnurseCT
    I'm an OB Tech. I had no CNA/PCA experience when I was hired, that made a lot of people mad that applied from other floors. I do have tons of scrub experience, phlebotomy etc. Everything I didn't know they taught me. I love my job. I do set ups, cleaning, VS, phlebotomy, hearing tests, sections, and help the nursery out. Its a great job.