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  1. So..I have been on the floor for a couple weeks now and know that everybody is not going to love me and I am not going to love everyone else but....................there a tech that has decided to act like she is my boss. She was my preceptor for 2 of my shifts and was nice. Now she has decided to scold me for not going to lunch by a certain time (this was never mentioned to me by any of my preceptors). She also finds it necessary to always know where I should be (according to her) and likes to tell me what to do. I appreciate any and all tips since I know I am now where near as fast as the other techs but this falls under the "not WHAT you say but HOW you say it"! I get that I am slower and that I have lots to learn but please do not treat me like I am ignorant. I don't see her act this way with anyone else. In fact she even reminded me on one shift not to get happy about not being split because once the day tech went home I would be split. I especially love how she convinced me to switch halls with her BEFORE she reminded me of this. I am no fool....she wanted to stay on the hall that would not be split!! Chalk that up to being the new kid on the block and not realizing when the day tech goes home the assignments change. I highly doubt it was a coincidence that she knew this 30 seconds after asking me to switch! And taking into consideration that my first few shifts and left me split on 2 and 3 halls with more patients than would be nice for her to keep her nose on her side of the hall. How to handle advice is appreciated.
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  3. by   JDsGirl
    I would keep doing my own thing, make sure boundaries are firmly in place, and talk to her as little as possible. If she keeps it up I would speak to your supervisor. I would imagine you are not the first person that she has tried this with! Good luck.

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  4. by   BetterThanFiction
    I agree with what you know is right and stay out of her way. Don't let her fool you, but be nice to her. Many try to pull one over on the new girl, especially lazy techs. things right, do things well, and stay out of her crossfire.

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  5. by   emmie9905
    Continue to do what is right. Don't let her convince you to do something that doesn't seem fair. If she continues to to bully you involve the charge nurse. All facilities should have a policy about lateral violence. This is a perfect example of that. She is bullying you because she thinks she can. Good luck and keep your head up
  6. by   Dobeigh
    Tell her to mind her business and that you're on to her. =)
  7. by   JDZ344
    Re: lunch. I know in our place we all have to go at separate times, so if one person is late to go, it messes up everybody. We now get a time and we HAVE to go within 10 minutes of that time or we lose the lunch break till the very end of the cycle. So is it possible she is waiting for you to come back so she can go?

    As for the rest, ignore her. And never do her a favour and swap halls with her again!
  8. by   malamud69
    I am a new PCT and at my hospital...of course after finding a job I truly enjoy...dare I say love...I must deal with one of these people as well. She is simply a miserable person, thinks she is the boss of all the tech's and will cut your throat in a second. She tried to "set me up." Somehow she just happened to be in one of my patients rooms the other day...mind you she is supposed to be tending to her patients across the floor...and out of the blue, my patient...who I just checked- was covered with feces so she said. Interesting since this patient has bowel issues(as in cannot move them) I came across her "cleaning up" for me. Of course I thanked her and even as my intuition knew better, I thought nothing of it. Come 2 weeks later: My manager approaches me and essentially tells me she has my back as this person has been badmouthing me etc...for days...of course behind my back. Well my manager let me know that the nurses I have been working with stood up for me and she was she tries to be extra nice to me??? I avoid her like the plague...I do not have time for lazy, childlike, insecure morons...oh yeah did I mention she is the first to go smoke, first to go to lunch (no matter how busy we are), first to sit on her rather rotund but, and first to badmouth everybody and anybody? The topper is she works day in and day out yet somehow duped the city into giving her a handicapped sticker that she uses to park in the patient lot...closer for her to come out and smoke! Even as we are a non-smoking campus...How she still has her job is beyond me...It is purely a case of seeing a new person (male) in this case with a strong work ethic doing a good job...she is obviously insecure and threatened, as I know she did this same thing to the other new person who started before me...She is the type of person that would have been fired in an instant on the construction since I know I am in a different world I do my best to do the best job I can and avoid all the BS and gossip...As I continue to get all those compliments from family members and patients and my nurses, I know I will never sink to her level...I know too well that misery loves company.
  9. by   joshsmother
    So the above mentioned tech is at it again but with the new people! 2 have come to me questioning her confronting them and being rude. How should I handle?