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Pathophysiology of fractures?

Hello! I am doing my care plan. We have to submit the pathophysiology of our patient's diagnosis. My patient's Dx is Trauma Fracture to left olecranon, acetabulum, and talus. (auto accident)

I have no idea what to write for a patho paper.. do i say something like. blunt force trauma to the olecranon bone excerted excessive pressure and fractured the bone...

Anything will help. Thanks!

I'm a student so I'll just give you my thoughts. With a fractures of long bones you will have bleeding because bones are vascular, this can lead to shock if it is extensive enough. You can also have the possibility of a fat embolism at some point, if the pt. Is pediatric the epiphisial plates can be disrupted and not grow properly. Let's not forget pain is a big thing we can help. Also compartment syndrome will be something to be aware of in the healing process also osteomyelitis is a risk to monitor during the healing process. So what are we going to do? I think immobilization is important to help stability. Assessments of neuro/vascular before and after immobilization. Finding out if pulses are present is important. These are just off the top of my head.


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