Past or present Nursing students of Herzing University Orlando please help

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I'm currently looking into attending Herzing University's AS-RN program in Orlando and have a few questions for any previous or current RN students. I have an information session coming up on August 9th and have done lots of research on this school. Many of the reviews were negative, but that's a given with some schools. I need the answers to the following questions:

1. What are the pros/cons to attending this school?

2. How flexible are the classes?

3. What is the estimated cost for this program? Do they have scholarship assistance?

4. Are the professors helpful?

5. What hospitals is this school affiliated with as far as clinical sites?

6. Is there a high probability of a Herzing student being hired at one of the major hospitals like Florida Hospital?

If someone could help me, I'd really appreciate it. I really need to make an informed decision before proceeding.


If I forgot to ask anything, please feel free to add your input.


Hi, did you ever Get any answers to your questions? I too am looking at Herzing in Orlando and have the same questions. I'm particularly concerned about being able to get hired after attending this school.I appreciate any info you found.Thanks!

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