Past inmate visit


I'm planning to apply at Pelican Bay and a couple other CA state prisons as soon as I get my LVN liscence in the mail. I heard that at the interview you may be asked if you have ever visited someone who was incarcerated. I was wondering if they will hold it against you if you have visited someone who was incarcerated. Does anyone have any idea about that?


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I have never worked as a medical professional in the prison system, however I come from an entire family who are retired prison guards. The purpose of them asking if you have ever visited someone in the prison system is because you can't work in the same prison with some one you know who is locked up, and they need to know if your associated with anyone inside the system. My best advice for you is to be honest. They keep strict records of people who visit inmates and if it ever comes out that you lied on your aplication (and it would) it would not turn out well. Good luck though, I might be applying to the same prison.


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Yea I think honesty is the best. The person is no longer incarcerated and I do not know anyone else who is so I think it will be ok. I'm also going to apply to San Quentin and Folsom. Good luck to you too!