passion to work



Theone I have ever dreamed to be has come into reality. All the hardships and the struggles have been all a mysterious sign to push me through this success. My work is my life now because without it, something is missing. It is inside me calling my soul to perform the very essence of a nurse. I wake up each day remembering all their faces. Some were smiling and some were on there grimacing grin. But when you look into each of their weary eyes, there is a voice calling you to hold them. I have practiced the magic of touch and how a smile can change a great illness to wellness. I am a witness to this amazing vocation. This is my journey and I know you guys have your stories too. The beauty of work in each life if it is filled with joy and passion.

Everyday is a gift so cherish it forever; our work inspires us to keep going and to continue reaching each others hands. It could destroy or change us but always have the power to choose the goodness. The heart to open up and the compassion to help are the first thing we can offer to the weak and helpless. In our daily encounter with them we learn to get to know them not just as a patient but a friend. I know we have to maintain some patient-nurse relationship but sometimes we are able to reach to them by opening ourselves also. It’s not the illness that we only cure to them but their individuality. The acceptance they have showed and the openness they learn to share. How great life can be if we learn how to give rather that to receive. The hardest part is the letting go stage especially if you are attached to the patient. We took good care of them and see their recovery. Now, its time to say goodbye. It’s the difficult part because our care on them was beyond our capabilities as a nurse. We have treated them as our loved ones. The parting time, the touch and the last smile we can see from them. Its reality and always been the cycle. Never been easy but one must learn to accept it. This is our life, our passion.:spin:

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