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passing the teas

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hii. does anyone know any strageties on taking the teas test. i took the test twice and was real close. im really depressed. any advice. im trying to go to southeastern college in miami lakes. and they require a 60 or higher and i keep getting a 47..


i want to help you. Which one is the most difficult for you? The reading part- all I can say is that you really have to practice like doing lots of practice exam - and time yourself. Also for the reading- make sure you know the difference between informative and persuasive - it's all in the reviewer. Actually for the reading part- the TEAS V Manual is very helpful. Also on the reading exam- the informational sources- that's the last part of the exam- that one really needs practice because it's more on getting the information quicky - like read the questions first then go back to the diagram or picture. If you practice a lot- this part will improve your grade. For the passages - I guess you have to really know the meaning of - logical conclusion , theme, topic, main idea etc.. If you truly understand their meaning- then you also practice and time yourself - you will get a decent score for the reading.

Math- the teas v is pretty good reviewer coz it covers 90% of the topic. It would be helpful too if you use some algebra book just to practice the word problem to improve your speed. I guess for the math and reading - time is very crucial here- that's why doing more of practice exam will improve your speed.

Science- I guess this one is basically everything you learned in biology. Just follow the guideline in the reviewer and if their is something you don't understand - google or YouTube it- it helps;) I did good in science because it's my favorite subject.

Grammar- know the rules!!!in using aposthrope , comma all the punctuations- coz their going to trick you in the exam but if you know the rules- it helps a lot. Try to memoriZe the rules- know all the pronouns , subject , adverb, adjectives coz there going to ask that one for sure. For the context clue- if they ask you the meaning of a word- try to figure out the meaning based on the sentence- this is a very common mistake :)

if you took it twice- I guess you know how to study - just practice more and you'll get the score you want.

By the way- tell me which one really pulls your grade down? We're you ok with time when you took the exam? Did the questions repeat?

Anyway hope you'll do better. But all I can say- don't give up- just keep on moving forward:) you'll get there!!!!

Strategies that help me:

Reading- use your pen and paper to list down information and when comparing - this part is very helpful for the informational sources- last part of exam.

Math- when you do computation- don't be careless. Not too fast but not too slow I guess- be aware of the time always!!!!!

Science- the more you know- better chances you'll pass. So read on mitosis- meiosis- how many cells they produce . Also know the interphase very well. Practice the punnet square make sure mo matter what question they ask-you understand it. Chemical balance- this one you need to know how to balance the numbers.

Scientific method- known it by heart. Their not going to ask you the steps- but in general their going to give you a scenario- so you should choose the best answer based on the scientific method. Everything actually is in the reviewer:)

FOr science- if you have difficulty- use the elimination strategy!! Cross out all answer that doesn't make sense and always always choose the BEST answer:)

Grammar- know the rules of all punctuations and parts if speech. Also do lots of practice exam - this will improve your brain in looking for the best answer!!!

practice practice practice:) is the secret in passing teas!!!:)

hii. i decided to take the kaplan entrance exam instead. do you have advice on the reading and science portion