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Passing state boards

Here's one small story that had a terrific ending:

I'm 52 yo and have been in nursing for 12 years (yep, got a late start). My youngest daughter decided she wanted to follow in mom's footsteps so she spent a year in the local LPN program. I didn't really want her to do this, but she insisted. So, at the tender age of 21 she started the year long stress course.

The boards were last October. Most of her fellow nursemates took the test before her. I believe (not sure) she was the very last one scheduled for the actual test. I drove to the town where she was at because we planned a big shopping spree immediately after the test. Her nursemates informed her they had between 85-125 questions before their computers kicked off.

I waited and waited and waited for her to meet me. Thinking the test would take around 3 hours, when the 4th hour kicked in I started becoming concerned.

Then, out of nowhere, she got in my vehicle. I asked how it went, and she said, "I don't want to talk about it." Come to find out, she had ALL 205 (maximum questions for the LPN tests) questions on the test.

She said she started "freaking" after question #125 because all she could think about was how her fellow nursemates had less than 125 before the computer kicked off.

Needless to say, she started crying thinking the entire year was down the drain. I'm sitting there in the car trying to give her words of encouragement, but I was thinking the same thing.........she'd failed.

The following Friday I received a call at work from my daughter. I was expecting it because that was the day she would find out. The conversation began as, "Hi mom, this is Stacy......LPN!!!"

I screamed and a couple of co-workers ran to see what was wrong with me. One of my fellow nurses started crying along with me.

So, to make a long story short............it doesn't matter if you have 85 or 205 questions on the boards, YOU CAN STILL PASS!!!!

Have a great day.................jan

THat Is A GREAT STORY!!!! IT give me hope, I test on Febuary the 14th.. :)

THat Is A GREAT STORY!!!! IT give me hope, I test on Febuary the 14th.. :)

Good Luck to you Born2BAnurse!! I know you will pass. :)

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