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Hello everyone!

I created an account today just to post about my experience taking the ANCC FNP exam. I took it this morning, and passed on my first try! I, like most of you probably, spent a lot of time reading about people's experiences on this site as I studied for my certification exam.

I wanted to let people out there know that the Boardvitals question bank was almost nothing like what I saw on the exam this morning. Boardvital questions are much more difficult than what was actually on the exam, unnecessarily so. They seek to misdirect you with unnecessary questions that have you calculate anything from ARR, NNT, or standard deviation percentages. Literally this doesn't show up on your exam, and I wasted a lot of time memorizing those formulas. While obviously I can't be too angry at them since I did pass the exam, I believe that purchasing their test bank did not in anyway help prepare me to answer any of the questions on the ANCC exam.

For those of you who are interested. I would absolutely recommend the apps FNP Mastery and the Leik app for study questions. Between these two apps, you will take 1700+ questions that look quite similar to what is seen on the exam. The Leik app has phenomenal study materials that were easy to read through and directly relevant to the exam. Seriously, I personally believe that if I did nothing else aside from complete that app in its entirety, than I would have had enough knowledge and practice to pass easily. I don't know who is on staff at Boardvitals, but someone needs to have a conversation with them about the actual content and format of the ANCC FNP exam.

Synopsis: Passed the ANCC FNP exam on my first try. Boardvitals question bank is literally useless. Buy the FNP Mastery app and the Leik app. READ through all the study materials on the Leik app.

Best of luck to you all out there, I hope this helps!

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Congratulations!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this is positive confirmation with what I am studying...I am doing FNP Mastery & Leik. I took Leik webinar in April, I graduated in May, and will sit for the exam the end of this month...I understand the content with the rationales from FNP Mastery and with Leik App. I pray I pass the first time.

Best of luck!! You've made it this far, and I am certain you have the skills and knowledge to complete this exam! I have heard great things about the Leik webinar. I ended up not taking a review course. I read Fitzgerald's FNP review book from cover to cover and than completed the two apps/boardvitals (I did all this in a 6 week time frame while still working full time). Personally I felt well prepared, and I think you will too!

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Thank you...I am working full time while studying as well....I will update my results on the site after I pass ;)

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