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Today, I took the CCRN-Adult. I followed the general information that everyone has discussed here. I will share my plan. I studied over a month and a half in this order.

Materials: Barron's book. I read that book from cover to cover and made mostly 80s on the quizzes except for a few areas. I completed both exams in the back of the books. My test scores: Practice Test 1 (66%) Practice Test 2 (78%) The online test (109/150)

Nicole Kupchick's Review course helped, BUT there were some inconsistencies in the teaching. For example, she stated that SVO2 in Sepsis would be low (increased O2 extraction), but other materials stated SVO2 would be high. Overall, it was a great course and I did well at the end of course quiz (can't remember the score). 

Pam Bartley's CCRN Study Guide. Great concise organization of testable materials. I did well on the answer choices (I had already completed Barron's book and NK review course).

PASS CCRN test bank. I went through every question in each section in study mode, tracking my wrong answers and reading each rationale. Overall I did well percentage-wise, mainly in the 70's and 80's. I also did 3 timed tests (92, 84, 90). 


Test day! The questions I felt were harder than everyone else, but more in line with PASS CCRN. The questions were very vague. It was a beast though. I passed 101/125

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