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Passed AANP boards September 2020


Hi all! I endlessly searched through this site for tips and tricks when studying for the AANP FNP boards so I'm paying it forward! 

Here's what I did:

Fitzgerald online review

Fitzgerald book

Leik app. 

BoardVitals- my school provided this.

I graduated July 31 and had begun casually studying about a month prior to graduation. I started heavily studying all of August (3-4 hours every week day dedicated just to studying). I felt like Fitzgerald is important to review for practice purposes. The book is A LOT of textbook reading- my least favorite thing, but I did it anyway... Not really sure if it was helpful or not. I started Leik about a week and a half before I took boards after reading everyone's review on her. I felt like she wrapped everything up into a nice little bow after all the information I tried to take in from Fitzgerald. Her exam tips seemed to be the most helpful of everything. I also started BoardVitals back in July and did all of the questions. These questions are WAY harder than boards but the rationales are nice for studying. I also took one APEA predictor before I bought Leik and got a 72%. I will say all of these questions (APEA & BoardVitals) were far more specific than anything I saw on boards. It was more generalized. 

I feel like the most important thing I want you all to know is you know when you're ready. And if you aren't there's no shame in rescheduling the test- I did once. Don't rush your studying but trust yourself when you feel like you're ready!