Part time work in state hospital...


Anyone know if there are part time positions at Spring Grove in Catonsville? I have a classmate who's a bit wacky, and she's 35 and never had a job, and frankly has very few functional skills (never lived on her own without a boyfriend supporting her--her parents currently pay all her bills). She wants to go into psych (only class she got a B in), and wants to work at Spring Grove Hospital, but says she only wants to work part time, because she "doesn't want to burn out"...I don't think there are part time positions there, but I told her I'd try to find out (she doesn't want to call and give her name--I don't know why) if anyone knows if there are part time positions there, let me know, so I can help this poor girl...I'm starting to think it would be more help to let her do it herself, since it seems she hasn't done much for herself in her life, and she'll need to be a lot more self-sufficient in the work world, especially in psych! She'll need insurance benefits (assumably), so I doubt there are great benefits for part time work of that sort, any info would help. I'm thinking of finding out for her but also helping to walk her through it herself.

Thanks in advance!

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