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  1. I'm brand new to this posting. Am also interested in Parish Nursing. I'm involved in a small group of nurses that are in the process of establishing a Parish Nursing group. We have met with our local hospital and presented a proposal for our support, financially and for education, etc. Awaiting word from them. Am now approaching this with my congregation and have presented info. to our pastor. I'm also interested in a needs assessment for the congregation, and appreciate the info. from other Parish nurses. Thanks. Plan on attending a training session soon in a local hospital. Extensive training is also available at: Marquette University College of Nursing,Outreach Office., P.O. Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 414-288-3802..Fax 414-288-3805..Training session now scheduled for June 4 - June 12 and August 6 - 14. Am also a Stephens Minister in my congregation..found the training helpful. Ann
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  3. by   Joan Martin
    Greetings! I am also a novice in the parish
    nursing field. Here in Homestead, FL, the need is so great! Many poor, many migrant field workers. A number of Miami area churches sponsored a four day event two weeks ago and I have some forms which may or may not be of help to you. Unfortunately, I can only send them snail mail at this time, but perhaps they could start you in the right direction. One in particular is a suggested way of polling your congregation, and another is a suggested way of maintaining personal profiles on your parish
    members. I am interested in your approach to the hospital. Can you send me anything describing your approach and your "pitch" to them? I'm excited about getting this started. Thanks so much. Maybe we can keep in touch. God's peace...