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  1. My church has just recently started a nursing parish, and we are planning on setting up a booth the weekend of May6th and 7th. We will be having surveys for congregation members to fill out along with an explanation of parish nursing provides. This way we can gear our service towards the needs of the congregation. My question is regarding getting some freebies to provide at this booth. Does anyone know of any organizations that provide freebie items to nursing parishes, promoting health? Thank you ahead of time for all of your answers.
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  3. by   Marcy791

    I am new to this forum but have been a parish nurse for about 3 years now. I am helping to organize a conference in my area and putting together an "info table". If you go on the internet and search most any organization, i.e. American Heart Association, American Kidney Foundation, most have a spot to find your local chapter -- I used that to call local chapters to ask for info. I emphasized that we are volunteers (most I know are) and would appreciate any free info they could provide. Only a couple were adamant about fees, but if you have access to a copy machine, you can print info off web and copy it. Watch out for copyright though.

    An agency called AHRQ (cannot remember at the moment what it stands for) is responsible for distributing literature from Dept of Health & Human Services -- our federal tax dollars at work -- they will provide the first 100 brochures/booklets for free, then a charge. If you do a search on those initials, should come up with the web site. They have a lot of info. I received my order within 3-4 days!

    Hope this helps get you started. And welcome to parish nursing -- it is an awesome opportunity. Best wishes and God bless!