Legal Implications

  1. I am coordinating the start-up of a Parish Nurse Program. I am particularly interested in legal implications working with Volunteer nurses and the practice of nursing in the parish setting. Our group has discussed liability in relation to the "GOOD SAMARATIN"
    Anyone with helpful suggestions or first hand knowlegde of legal ramifications dealing specifically with parish nursing would provide us with needed information. Thank you.
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  3. by   Pam Evans
    Check your current liability policy. Mine under NSO covers parish nursing and our church policy also covers volunteers and staff.

  4. by   steile
    I am also working on starting a Parish Nurse Program at my church. Can you help by telling us where you obtain some of your educational materials and how or what topic/program you started out with?

  5. by   roonch1
    I started with the International Parish Nurse Resource Center. They have video tapes, books and resource packets on various topics. They are on the net and easily accessible. Many other internet sources were available just by searching Parish Nursing. Our Diocese in Virginia has developed a training program based at Mary Immaculate Hospital, 2 Bernardine Drive, Newport News, Virginia 23602. Sr. Barbara Ann Koshinski can be contacted for further information. The Journal of Christian Nursing has a compilation of 13 journal articles that were very helpful in beginning our formation process. We also have local parish nurses within the community from other denominations as well. Have you found anything else that was particularly helpful?
  6. by   Pat Edwards
    I was called and commissioned as Parish Nurse in my church on August 30th. I obtained information from our Baptist Nursing Fellowship. I used that information to draw up a proposal for my church. I am a volunteer nurse so I am limited. My ministry is based on presence and education. I have just completed a church survey and will use those results to bring in speakers, setup classes and provide information (pamphlets). I also place an article each month in our newsletter (health tips).
    My church is a small rural church. I think it is very important to determine what your own church needs and wants from their parish nurse and setup your ministry to meet those needs.
    Good Luck & God Bless!