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Paramedic or RN?


OK, I'll start off with the truth.

i would like a career where i can get meaningful work anywhere in the US (an abroad). i like to move around alot and am really into my free time. i routinely want to take 6 months off for climbing or other big adventures. i am interested in nursing for these reasons. i have known people with this lifestyle who are nurses, they travel most of the year and pick up work when they are broke, that easy. i have also been recently looking into being a paramedic because i have been told there are many cool career options for paramedics (like wilderness SAR...ETC).

questions for those who are familiar with these two professions (i would like opinions from nurses as well as those who USED TO BE paramedics):

which one would be better for this type of lifestyle (medic or nurse)?

i have looked at the paramedic to RN bridge programs and have a few questions.

are these legit?

is the nursing profession moving toward BSN'S?

(the reason i ask this question is because i would be forgoing alot of pre req course work need for a BSN if i chose paramedic and i fear that in a few years having an RN wont cut it in the nursing profession resulting in alot more than 1 year in school)

would having a paramedic background make a better nurse (as far as an "all around nurse")?

does working as a medic have psychological effects after awhile (any more so than nursing)?

ive got gobs more questions but i just want to make the right choice here and have no experience to draw from.

thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and answer some of the questions.