Paramedic to RN in NC CPNE study group?


Good Afternoon All,

I'm new here but I have been reading posts for a while. Im done all of my exams and finishing the FCCA head to toe assessment now. I would like to find a group of people in North Carolina to form a study and support group focusing on the CPNE. I know you are out there. We can be each others resources and prepare together.

Id also like to find one or more people that have completed the CPNE successfully on the first try and get them to help us succeed.

Another possibility is that we each go to a different prep workshop, and then reconvene to go over all of the prep that we received from that specific course.

Just some thoughts. Obviously I understand that this is an individual effort but I would like to study in groups so we can practice on real people and have someone that is interested in correcting our mistakes. Thanks all.

P.S. This is just an initial thought and maybe it never pans out but maybe it could be a mutually beneficial relationship.


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Not currently in NC, in GA at the moment. That being said, we are looking at relocating to the Wilmington area next year. Gotta enroll and finish the FCCA in Oct and I will be right there with ya for the CPNE.

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Sounds good. Hopefully I'm done by then and I'll be able to give my own insights. I'm starting to look at it the same as when I test out a student on final scope of practice and they freak out. I'm hoping it's like that. We'll see.


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You will nail it.

I am nervous as well but goodness I am ready to be done with this stuff.


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I agree. I would love to have some partners to study with and attend workshops with. I am CPNE eligible and need to submit all documents, but I am going to start a study group on FB.