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Is your office paperless?? If so, what program do you use? Our office is totally not paperless. Our MD does transcription of the first appointment on computer, and the rest of the appts are on paper. We then use a totally seperate program for billing/scheduling since they use an independant contractor for billing. Its terrible!! We are in the process of adding new doctors, and making the group grow...any suggestions for programs or anything like that?

I went and had my wisdom teeth pulled the other day, and the dentist was TOTALLY paperless, they walked around with little tablet pcs, when I initialed the informed consent, I did it on the little tablet so it went right into the computer. It was so cool! =0)

How's it done in your office?


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We are a (mostly) paperless office. We actually use two programs. Logician is the program for all the medical info, visits, lab reports, etc. The other is Centricity that is the Billing and Scheduling. The two programs "talk" to each other so that we can see when a pt has arrived and is ready to be seen or if they are still getting registered. The Centricity program doesn't have any actual medical info so the people in the front office do not have access to that kind of info. We do still have a few papers that have to be filed. Things like consent forms, etc that are signed by the pt. We do scan the original into the system, but we still have to keep the original. We also have 3 servers on site, so that if 1 goes down, we still have the other 2, and daily back-ups. Wonderful systems, but still can be a headache at times! Just like any other area of nursing. Good luck!

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