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I am taking the ENPC course this month for the firse time---how is this different from PALS? Is this harder? I hate exams with a passion! Please calm my nerves! Then I must take CEN for the first time this year,too! Nursing sure has changed!!

I have not taken PALS but I have taken ENPC. I comparing with others that have taken PALS, I think that ENPC covers more than PALS. All that will be on the written test will be covered in the lecture. Spend your time memorizing the SKILLS STATIONS! (I found them the hardest). Good luck!

I have taken both and have found both to be an asset. ENPC is geared like TNCC - a pediatric overview with an emphasis on why and what skills are needed, from epidemiology to Triage to Trauma (memorize that full assessment); as opposed to PALS that is more along the lines of ACLS or NALS - a focus on the primary assessment, also heavy into drugs and dosages along with nursing skills (airway management, IV/IO insertion). Either way, the tests are on the book and lecture material - read and listen and you'll do fine. Good luck!

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I think they are a good compliment to each other...while ENPC is more soup to nuts....and Pals is more emergent care....I found ENPC to be more of a challenge simply because there is more information to remember and its based on total assessment, not just cardio-respiratory systems....Some places you can take ENPC and they teach PALS within it and you get your certification/recert all in one shot...

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