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PALS Certification

MrsVShott MrsVShott (New) New

I was wondering if there is anything I should read or do to prepare for this class.

nursefrances, BSN, RN

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I took PALS last year. What comes to mind is the topic of respiratory issues in children. This is the difference I noted between ACLS and PALS. With ACLS, adults had more heart issues. With pediatrics respiratory issues mainly came into play that then led to cardiac issues. At least this is what I remember. Soon after taking PALS I changed jobs and don't work with kids anymore.

Did you buy the PALS book yet? There is a lot of great info you can read there. Also, if you go to the heart association website there are short online classes you can take for a fee. I took the pediatric cardiac dysrhythmia class online (2 hours) to brush up. I think it cost around $30.

Good luck to you.

akulahawkRN, ADN, RN, EMT-P

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Simple. Read the book. Most of the testing & teaching materials come right out of that book. Also, with peds, most of the time, their cardiac problems really do stem from respiratory issues. It's really a rare kid that has a STEMI and needs the same cardiac care as an adult does. If you can prevent, or at least address the respiratory problems, often you can prevent the code altogether. Of course some kids will have cardiac problems, but those will generally be already known... or those problems present themselves early on, and thus you'll know which kids those are.

PEPP is also a good course to take, even though it's primarily for prehospital folks. It's like PALS but has a slightly different take on how to assess sick kids. Both courses aren't going to be exactly inexpensive. If your job requires PALS, take that first, then later take PEPP. That's my take on things.