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Palomar Hospital New grad help - Nov 2019

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Hi all, 

I'm getting ready to prepare for the next new grad opening in a few weeks. I know they have multiple units opening up and I was hoping anyone with experience applying w/ them will have answers to my questions! TIA!

1) I know there are several units available to apply - did you tailor your resume for each individual unit you were applying to? Or did you have one generic resume that you submitted for all the units. 

2) How did you go about researching the units to tailor your cover letter/resume to? I tried to look up one unit but it just took me to a generic webpage. I know with UCSD you can look up their unit and it'll give you a little background on the unit, who the managers are, etc. I was wondering if Palomar has something similar?

3) What time does the application usually open? How long did it take for you to apply especially those who applied to multiple units? 

Thanks again!

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