Pain Management Vs. Gassing

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It seems to me most of the talk about being a CRNA centers around gassing.

Is the term pain management used to differentiate between gassing and non gassing of anathestics?

How is the term pain management nursing related to being a CRNA because there appears to be a difference to me though quelling pain is the goal of both?

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I am searching the pain managemnt section on this board but I am curious as to how a CRNA may view this.

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Obviously, anesthesia has much to do with the management of pain.

Additionally, there is a sub-specialty of anesthesia that is known as Pain Management. Anesthesia professionals devote some, or all of their practice to the specialized techniques associated with the treatment of pain syndromes. The pain can be from an acute source, but more often these patients are suffering from chronic pain, that has not responded to more conservative treatment.

Many of these pain specialists are anesthesiologists who have done a dedicated post-residency fellowship specifically in pain management. There are some CRNAs who specialize in pain, but we are behind in the development of specific specialization fellowships. These are in the process of being developed now, but none are operational just yet.

An interest in pain management usually follows the development of high level regional skills. Pain specialists become proficient in many different types of regional techniques, not just the usual ones you might see used for surgical patients.

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Thank you for your response.

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