ANCC Pain Management Certification

  1. Hello everyone!!!

    I would like to thank you in advance for your time!

    I am interested in certification as a pain management nurse through the ANCC. As part of their practice requirement, do you need to specifically work in a pain clinic (or similar setting)? Currently, I work on a med/surg and oncology unit. I see a lot of chronic pain and cancer pain, probably near 75% of our patients. I feel this is sufficient experience for pain assessment and managemeny required by the exam.

    Does anyone have the certification and NOT work in a pain clinic (or similar setting) but rather an inpatient unit?

    Thanks again!
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  3. by   llerkl
    Maybe you should contact ANCC with your specific question about this. They have pretty specific guidelines for eligibility to sit for exam. Not sure how strict they are on them. Good luck!!! Hope you get to take the exam!
  4. by   HeartRNBSN
    I had actually already contacted them and the represenative I spoke with was very vague.
  5. by   llerkl
    I looked at the paper work posted on ANCC website: You have to have "a minimum of 2000 hours of practice in pain management within the last three years" and have practiced the equivalent of two years, full time as a registered nurse. Guess your next move is to ask them to specifically define "pain management".....the only reference to that in the packet is "pain assessment and management, pain management education, research, etc". Sounds like if they can't give you a definite NO, you can apply to take it and see what they say. The only bummer is having to pay with the application, letting them hold onto your $$ until they either tell you no, or you get to take the exam. Again, good luck, and hope you get to take exam!
  6. by   ttrailm
    I am taking the exam next week and manage a med/surg floor and am qualified to take it as are 2 others onc staff nurses at my hospital. I think your practice area is fine, from my understanding you need not be in a Pain Clinic setting. Good luck.
  7. by   llerkl
    GOOD LUCK on exam! I just took it last week and passed. Summer begins for me NOW!!!!
  8. by   owontastone
    I hope the presentation on the ASPMN website was usefull
  9. by   Roubaix40
    Hi HeartRN BSN

    I have been certified in Pain Management through the ANCC for the last 6 years. I work in a joint replacement unit. You don't have to work in a pain specific clinic or unit. You just have to have a yearly amount of hours dealing with pain management. The requirements are on the web site. Good luck on testing.