Pain Management (Ambulatory Surgery Care Center)

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hi everyone! I was wondering if an ambulatory surgery center for pain management was considered acute care nursing? I have not gone for my interview yet, but the MD said it will be pre-op mostly. Or is working in the hospital the only setting that is considered acute care?

Thank You Everyone

Hi! I recently accepted a job offer at a pain management surgery clinic. I start the 14th. That specialty is quite unique and I’m wondering if maybe we’d be working for the same company!

acute care refers to bedside/inpatient. In acute care, the patients tend to be sicker and less stable; hence the word “acute”. Surgery clinics are the opposite; outpatient. Relatively stable patients that are ambulatory and are either not very sick, or have their comorbidities very well controlled.

However, your experiences in outpatient surgery are still valuable and honorable even though it’s not acute care. You’ll need to know ACLS, you’ll need knowledge of anesthesia/opioids/sedatives, good assessment skills, etc.

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Is a pain management nurse the same as an ambulatory nurse?