Which way do I go PACU or MED/SURG?

  1. Hello, I am graduating this May 07 from an ADN program. I currently work at two hospitals. One hospital I work as a nurse tech on a med/surg floor and the other hospital I work as an extern in the PACU unit. I love the PACU unit that I am on. But my dilemma is, I have the opportunity to work as a new grad in the PACU department. I don't know if this is good to jump into before going into a med/surg, step-down, or ICU unit first.

    What are your opinions? What is the best move to make?
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  3. by   Hopecascade
    Most PACU's want you to have an ICU background or ED background. If the orientation is sufficient go with the PACU if that is what you love. Good luck.
  4. by   maggie77
    Hi, rn2bn07. I think new grads should always start out with med/surg and build on that knowledge and experience. Lots of new grads start out in ICU and ER and that is GREAT experience, but if you don't get a proper orientation can really cause lots of stress and heartache. Having said that, PACU is, in my opinion, the best place to work. The scenery (patients) changes every hour, minimal bedpans and linen changes, minimal problems with family members. But, I think you will miss alot if you go straight into PACU unless you have experience as a PCA or something beforehand.

    Good luck with whatever decision you make and congrats on graduation in May!