Physical Reguirements/Standards ?

  1. If anyone can help me with this , i'd greatly appreciate it. I am presently on light duty through workman's compensation after injuring my back at work. I have been a nurse for over 25 yrs, the last 20 in the obstetrics area. We do our own cesarian sections and have a small PACU on our unit. I know that we are supposed to maintain the same standard of care as any PACU would, although I don't think that's always the case. Anyway, I have multiple problems with my back causing constant pain which has only been helped with narcotics. I work a shorter day and am supposed to be restricted to not lifting over 15 lbs, no kneeling or squatting, no pulling pushing etc anything over get the idea. They have tried to assign me to post op pts who have recieved either general , spinal or epidural anesthesia in our PACU area. This consists of one room, where I would be totally alone with the pt (unless she has a significant other with her at times).. I have refused to accept this assignment but they are giving me a hard time about it, so i'm trying to find standards to back me up! Its not safe for the patient or myself. I can't even turn them or elevate the (manual stretcher) head of the bed. Nor can I move their anesthetized legs to check their bleeding. And God forbid if they coded or hemmorhaged. My boss thinks its okay 'cuz I can "call for help" if I need it..we all know how someone is always immediately available in a busy unit right? I'd appreciate any help...
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