PACU Staffing

  1. Does everyone out there work at a hospital with more than one PACU for inpatients and how do you staff it? For example having a separate PACU for vascular/thoracic cases and another PACU for everything else. How do you do call in this situation. Thanks
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  3. by   Charity
    We don't have a separate PACU for different cases. We have separate PACUs for different groups of ORs. Our pediatric operating rooms have their own PACU. Our OB/Gyn room have their own PACU. Of course our Day Surgery Center has its own. Our main OR suites has its own PACU. Of course none of these groups of ORs are located close another--usually in another building. Each PACU is staffed independently of the other. Our peds house has a call system, but OB and Adult house operates and staffs 24/7. (I am here now! )
  4. by   healingtouchRN
    Our PACU operates 24/7. I am the 3rd shift RN full time. Love it! We take care of most everything. Our open hearts go to CVICU directly post op. The Cath lab patients either go to CCU or CV Recovery post op. C-sections recover in LDR. Otherwise I take everything else. If the patient is intubated & will stay intubated post op then they bypass PACU & go straight to the ICU of that specialty if the bed is ready otherwise I get the patient. The staffing is usually like this. I can take 2 or 3 adults at a time depending on their level of care needed. Peds are 1:1. If I get busy I have someone on call to back me up. & my team leader is always available by phone to come in & help me if need be. I tell everyone I have the best job in our hospital.