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  1. Not sure if this is the right nursing specialty for this question but here it is:
    I enjoy my Med/surg clinicals as an RN student so I think I'd like working there after graduation. But my ultimate goal in my nursing career is to work PACU. I understand critical care experience is a plus in this area. I would like to work Progressive Care Unit (ICU stepdown) first; I believe this MAY give me some critical care experience without being too overwhelmed in an ER or ICU. Is this reasoning any good to prepare me for PACU? Have you known PACU's in your facility to hire new grads to train? What orientation is offered to GN's? What kind of nursing background does your PACU NM look for in a potential RN hire? Are the ACLS, PALS, etc. certifications required before consideration of hire or can they be obtained while in training?
    Basically, I'm looking for some alternatives to nursing 1+ year(s) in ICU/ER to be considered for hire in a PACU. I want to work something more along the lines of PCU or M/S (PCU mainly) for PCU preparation.
    Thank you ever so much!
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