PACU/OR nurse issues - page 2

Hi, I am a PACU nurse and work primarily evening and weekends. During the weekdays all pre op patients go to the preop dept to get ready for surgery. On off hours pts come to PACU since that dept... Read More

  1. by   lockheart678
    I'm an OR nurse and where I come from, if there's an after hours patient, they are either admitted directly to the floor or come from the ER, and whichever it happens to be, that's the department that takes care of the pre-op. It's pretty common though that the patients who came from the floor didn't get their blood drawn like it was supposed to be, and in that case, either the OR nurse does it or we get anesthesia to do it if the patient is a hard stick. The only thing we ever get pacu nurses to do is an EKG if it's needed because OR nurses aren't certified to do them at my facility. We always have pacu nurses in house though so nobody would ever get called in for it.