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I just left ICU for the PACU after 9 years. At the beginning of the ICU career, I had an orientation from hell that I do not want to repeat, so I'm trying to keep my mouth shut, opinions to myself,... Read More

  1. by   yecart1
    Question: Does your hospital have PACU nurses on call? Or do the OR nurses recover pts after hours/on call on the weekends?

    We as PACU take call. My sister in law said their hospital has the OR nurses recover the pts and the PACU nurses never take call.

    Just wondering.

    I'm glad that this forum is here. What books are good for new PACU orientees?
  2. by   ativanni
    You will feel a bit out of it because the skills are different in some ways. Believe me, a few months from now you will wonder why you worked ICU as long as you did. Give it time, you will fit in.
  3. by   tezabee
    hi guys! I'm as novice as I could get...I'm just about to start in PACU on Wednesday. This is my first ever hospital experience after college (last year ). Long story but yes, I'll undergo the same experiences that you've had. scarry!!! help please? what can i expect?!