Is this outpatient or inpatient surgery at yours

  1. Do you all send your supracervial laparosopic hysts home the same day or are they generally overnight? We have had some disussion lately. Our Lap Choles often go home same day but not all. Is it typical or not to send them home after several hours?(Barring complications of course)
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  3. by   nickola
    Ours go home, same day, unless voiding or pain issues- which are very rare. Lap Choles almost never stay.
  4. by   debthern
    ours are still staying over night for the most part but we have had a couple recently go home
  5. by   hikernurse
    Usually 23 hour observation.
  6. by   sharann
    Well, I had mine on March 1st and fortunately was home 6 hours post op. I would have gone nuts staying in the hospital overnight! I know some patients need to stay for medical or psych or pain or care at home issues, but I was lucky. The worst thing was the raised welts I got from the band-aids, and drape adhesive!
    p.s: I was back at work in my PACU 4 weeks later exactly. I love the laparoscope!