Computer Charting in PACU Question

  1. -Just wondering how many of you PACU RNs out there have computer charting in your units?

    -For you,is it or ? Do they fit well into your high paced PACU?

    -Do your keyboards have skins that you sanitize in between cases and,if so....

    -Are they :angryfireglossy:angryfire (like ours) or have they supplied you with non-glare skins?

    Thanks a million!

    P.S. We are new (~a year) to computer charting (we have a McKesson product that sucks B.I.G. time,and don't get me wrong,I love computers),and are being told "we'll see if there's anything BUT glossy on the market...".(the implied was "don't hold your breath!") I'm not convinced that they're all that concerned -we protested this stupid program +++ and got absolutely nowhere

    From a whole PACU of seriously stressed out nurses! (the glossy skins are only a small,but cumulative,part of our stress)
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  3. by   RNPamP
    I don't know how helpful this reply will be b/c we hate our computer charging system too! We have a GE program for our entire surgical services from pre-op thru PACU and would give it a big . The system is very labor intensive as far as including more info than necessary and most items having to be typed instead of point and click or drop down menus. Oh, did I mention that it goes down all the time, and often freezes and the computer has to be reset :trout:? And what a waste of paper!!!! Our paper charts had 2 sheets of paper; the print out from the computer chart can be up to 40! As to the keyboard covers, we don't use them. They seem to just fall off anyway, I'm not sure how much of an infection control issue this is. I just clean the keyboard and mouse with a disinfecting wipe, and so far haven't caused any damage. I would love to hear from a PACU that uses a computer system that they like; it's too late for us since the hospital already paid hundreds of thousands for this one!
  4. by   azhiker96
    Our computer charting is slower than the paper chart and harder to check for omissions. We still paper chart for peds and if we get in a bind. However, there's a plan/threat to go totally paperless in the near future. When they do, it will drop our productivity.

    On the other hand, the typing on the computer charts is readable although the charts run 9 to 12 pages in length for a typical case.

    No, we don't have keyboard covers and the program often locks up or even loses information. One night I entered free-text 3 times on a page before giving up and entering it on another page where it was finally saved.
  5. by   Elementary
    we just started computer charting, i think it takes away from pt care.