Cath lab recovery

  1. Has anyone ever done cardiac cath lab recovery? I love working in PACU, but my hours are not the greatest. Now there is position posted for Cath Lab Recovery RN that is 8hr days, no call... Just wondering how different this may be from normal post-surgical recovery.
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  3. by   mollywashington
    You may have to pull arterial/venous sheaths. Blood pressure control is often an issue (typically htn). Holding femoral pressure is a common occurance, some docs are ok with the use of femostops for excessive ooziness though certainly you have to be especially diligent in checking pedal pulses. EKG's to be done on every intervention. And EP cases also, if you get them.
    The post STEMI's can come to you still looking a little grey, and that can be unnerving--it reminds you how close their brush with death was.
    I've never worked PACU, but that is the crux of it. Mostly things go along swimmingly though when they go wrong, it happens fast...which you probably saw in PACU. Good luck!
  4. by   NurseSnarky
    I've worked both. Cath Lab is a different pace than PACU. The patient is awake, groggy instead of out. So it's like recovering a heavy MAC. You do groin checks, pt has to remain flat so you will be giving pain meds. Pulling lines/sheaths can be unnerving until you get the hang of it because you do have to hold pressure for awhile...used to be 20min, but it depends on what doc uses. I would go for it. Whenever I see "no call"...I'm on it!
  5. by   rose_njarvis
    It depends on the facility. Our hours are similar to that of the unit (12hrs, 8hrs and lunch coverage), no call. Some facilities, no nights, some nights, or weekends since there is a 23 hr stay for some patients