Can a Pregnant RN be in Recovery Room / PACU?

  1. We are trying for our first baby and I have been offered a job in the Recovery Room/PACU
    Does anyone know if pregnant nurses can work in the Recovery Room?
    I have heard conflicting advice. I can't seem to find any concrete evidence for or against.

    I do have a friend that works in PACU and she says that there is a pregnant nurse working there. But it is a small, mainly elective surgery PACU.

    Any advice or information?
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  3. by   RNMommy2

    I can't think of any reason a you could not do PACU while pregant. You are on your feet a great deal but that is the case with most jobs in nursing. If you need to help move a pt after surgery I would just round up a couple of coworkers. Most fellow nurses don't like to see a pregant nurse pulling on a pt anyway! Aside from that you are mainly assessing, administering IVP drugs, and going over dc instructions if outpatient. I say go for it and good luck!
  4. by   PollyPutTheKettleOn
    Thank you!
    I have heard that the problem would be working around anaesthetic gases, but even with intubated patients, surely this wouldn't be an issue in PACU? No worse than in ICU where I currently work?

  5. by   Nursonegreat
    I worked in PACU while i was pregnant...and did on call until 1 mo before delivery. i worked up until 4 days before i delivered. the gases are pretty much gone by the time they get to the PACU from what i understand...they did some kind of study on the nurses. only thing was i could not be within 6 feet of a pt who had just had radioactive seeds placed. i did pretty much most of my transfers until about 2 mos left...and actually til my last mo (since i was the On Call and had to transfer. very doable...just stood away from the chest xrays we did as did the other nurses....also, i was not asked to recover ANY isolation patients.

    oh ya, and he is healthy and strong!!
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  6. by   PollyPutTheKettleOn
    Wow - you worked up to four days before you delivered? I am trying to convince my husband that i should start mat. leave the day I get a positive PG test..hehe.
    I currently work in ICU - I can't stand it. I have only been there for a month, but the people are horrible! This recovery room seems like such a nice place to work, I just need to know all the info. before I accept!
    It's great to know that you have a healthy little boy.

  7. by   Nursonegreat
    thanks polly, and go for whatever u want!!! the last week was the worst...every time i got up from a sitting position i had to pee and it took me a few extra seconds to get to the bedside of my admit...i had some very helpful nurses there with me...i was really good and quick moving til that last week when it felt like he was at my knees. u do need to always be prepared to jump into action at any minute while in the PACU as a pt can go bad like be aware of that...i think i stayed a week too late, but yes i made it til the end :} GL and do what is right for u NOW. Gl on the future endeavors
  8. by   Charity
    Our PACU is known as "where the ICU nurses go to get pregnant" since so many transfer in and then concieve! Our current charge nurse worked WHILE she was in labor...Came in a 0700, noticed contractions---monitored them throughout the day (everyone urged her to leave). She walked over to OB receiving around 1700. Baby was out by 1930. (No word on if she clocked out early or not!)