applying for job in outpatient PACU

  1. I have about 6 months experience in Med/surg, 6 months in the OR and 2 years experience in GI outpatient facility as a RN.
    Recently, I am kind of bored with my job and I am also very upset with my boss:angryfire (long story, I don't even want to go there):stone
    Anyway, I see this new job posting for PACU outpatient facility which is much closer to my house. They called me last week to have an interview next Monday.
    I am ACLS certified but I know I will need PAL. In my GI facility, I recover patients who are mostly healthy and pain is usually minimal. I can usually discharge them 30 mins post op.
    I am just wondering, if I work in the PACU for an outpatient facility, is it going to be much more difficult than GI recovery? I know a lot of people have ICU or Acute care experience to work in PACU. Is outpatient, PACU job easier than inpatient PACU?
    Please don't tell me I will not be qualified for this job because I don't have intensive care experience. I am very confident that I can do it because I am very persistant. :zzzzz I will do my best and learn as much as I can if I get the job there.
    Please give me some positive support so that I can have a good interview. And please let me know how I can sell myself better on my interview with my zero intensive care experience. Thanks!
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