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PA Nursing Student, Fl Bound

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Not sure if there is a thread for this or not, but I wanted to see if there are currently other students from a different state like me that are FL bound and currently looking for schools to go to. I have 2 years under my belt at a community college so I am close to the point of clinicals, Im looking now at schools down in FL, but looking through all these posts it looks like it might be harder then I thought. I thought I would start this thread so that those currently down in FL or heading down there soon could discuss this. Thanks

What are your Overall GPA and Science GPA from your Community College courses?

Will you be able to claim Florida Residency now or in one year? Paying out of state tuition for the State University System is 3-4 times more expensive than Florida resident. Private University cost doesn't vary that much between In-State vs. Out-of-State. Have you crunch the Cost of Attendance between your State vs. Florida?

What is the degree of difficulty in getting into a BSN (or ADN) program in PA? Most, if not, all Nursing schools are very competitive to get into in Florida and I assume it is the same in your State.

Are you targeting BSN or ADN programs?

Have you completed all the prerequisites for the Florida BSN Program? Below is the typical BSN Requirement (varies slightly from school to school):


[h=1]B.S.N. Prerequisite Courses[/h]Applicants must earn a "C" (2.0) or better in all prerequisite B.S.N. courses.

[h=3]Science Courses:[/h]

  • CHM 1032 (3) General Chemistry or other approved physical or life science* ^
  • MCB 2004C (4) Microbiology with lab
  • ZOO 3733C (4) Human Anatomy with lab**
  • PCB 3703C (4) Human Physiology with lab**

[h=3]Other Courses:[/h]

  • PSY 2012 (3) General Psychology* ° and/or SYG 2000 (3) General Sociology* °
  • STA 2014 (3) or STA 2023 (3) Principles of Statistics*
  • DEP 2004 (3) Developmental Psychology or SOW 3104 (3) Assessing Human Development
  • HUN 3011 (3) Human Nutrition

* Also meets UCF’s general education requirements.

^ Must be a BSC, BCH, CHM, PCB or PHY course. If anything other than Chemistry, the course must have been taken at a Florida public institution or be an approved course through Academic Services via the Transfer Evaluation Request process explained here.

** You must take the two courses from the SAME sequence: Sequence Option 1 (Human Anatomy and Human Physiology), which is offered at UCF and other universities, or Sequence Option 2 (Anatomy & Physiology I and Anatomy & Physiology II), which is generally offered at state and community colleges.

° Students applying for Summer 2014 and beyond will only be allowed to use PSY 2012 or SYG 2000 on their application (not both).

Updated 10-11-2012


Hi Sonia thanks so much forall this information. Are you an advisor? If you dont mind me asking. The reason I am moving to Flordia is because it has been a dream of my boyfriends to go down there so I will continue my education down there (so it wasnt a spur of the moment decision) To answer some of your questions:

My overall GPA is a 3.3 that includes my science. The only classes I have to take left is A&P 2 and statistics, I plan to take them in PA. Most FL schools say I need to be a resident for a year but I can double check on that. Schools are also competitve up here as well. I havent looked at the cost between PA and FL but im sure there is a difference with any new state. I plan to pursue my BSN or just get an associates down there in FL. What is an ADN program? Is that the accelerated degree? I would like I said either be targeting BSN or assocaites level. Thanks again for all the info!