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PA College of health science


I am trying to find some information about pa college of health science in lancaster Pa I have not found much reviews except from facebook any recommendations on where to look for other info about reviews etc. Also if I decide to go here this upcoming fall what is somethings I can begin working on now?


I start the program in the fall of 2021. The school is expensive, so I would recommend taking prerequisites at a local community college if you haven't already. Other than that the reviews that I've read is that their associates program is disorganized, but their BSN program is good which is the program I am going into. You can call the school to ask questions, it's what I did and they are happy to answer.  There aren't many reviews available, but since the negative ones recommend the BSN I think it's safe to say their associates need work, but I could be wrong about that and it's just students who failed the program.