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PA CNA's, I have a question.....


Can you give me a round about figure of what you make an hour? Im currently in customer service making 12.23 an hour, but we are being layed off with in 2 months. And I was thinking of taking the CNA classes at HACC in Harrisburg. Do you like your job as a CNA?

While I am working as a CNA I will go to school for LPN, then bridge to RN. Thanks for your help.

When I worked as a CNA I think it was around 14/hr. I worked at TelHai in Honeybrook. Worked there while going to school for my RN. I am now a RN and work at LGH I still work alittle at TelHai but have not been there for a long time. They have a scholarship after you are there for a year. That helped me alot I was able to attend Immaculatta Univ and Brandywine School of Nursing. You do have to agree to work for them for a year after you graduate either as a nurse or a CNA. I worked on the weekends and went to school full time during the week it took me 3yrs to do everything. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me

Good luck

Thanks for your quick reply! The local community college is waiving the application and tuition fees for dislocated workers if you go thru PA career link (for the appropriate paperwork). Normally classes cost $585.00, includes textbook.

On the paper it says they would cover whatever financial aid didnt. This does not include uniform, shoes, etc. My husband is on disability and I could get unemployment for the duration.

***Is there any other help that I might be able/qualify to get?

They are probably paying for CNA but not RN. Becoming a RN is very expensive. As I stated TelHai will help pay tution for getting your RN once you are ready for that. But you have to be there for a year before applying for the scholarship. First step would be to get your CNA then start calling around to local nursing homes to see if they are hiring. That is a good way to see if you like healthcare. As far as uniforms the only idea I have is some consignment shops and Goodwill have uniforms. Shoes usually can be white sneakers that is what I usually use. But before you go out to buy anything check to see if the school wants you to have any specific colors. Some places want you to wear a certain color. For example I can only wear navy blue and white.

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