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a&p 1 study block

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SO, I was advised by my academic advisor at my CC to take A&P 1 over the summer. I thought it would be a breeze personally because I had taken A&P my senior year of high school. I was wrong. It is a heck of a lot harder than I had anticipated, which is completely understandable. No matter how hard I have been studying, I'm BARELY passing my exams with a 60. From what I've been reading on here this class usually has a lower passing rate. I don't know how else to study, I've tried many different ways; from Quizlets, to rewriting my notes, to looking over my notes, to rewatching my professor's lectures, to making flashcards, white board reviews, and even paying $15 to get a mini anatimage person on my phone to study the muscles and bones. I have a family friend who offered to help tutor me. Even if I could get my grade up to a 74-76 by the end of the semester (which is in 6 days) I would be thrilled. Thank you so much for you help in advance!!!

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The practical part for me was the easiest—I used anatomy coloring books which helped so much.  I also printed out a lot of diagrams and labeled, labeled, labeled until I could get all of the bones/muscles.


as far as the physiology stuff, if I needed to understand a process (for instance contraction-excitation coupling) I would write out on flash cards each step.  I would then try to arrange them in order.  Talking myself through each step so I made sure I understood helped a lot, too.  Writing everything out helps a lot but make sure you are actually thinking about and processing the information otherwise it’s a lot of time spent for nothing. 


A&P1 is a difficult class even when taken during a regular semester.  I honestly don’t know why your advisor would suggest taking it over the summer.  How are other people in the class doing?  


Don’t be too hard on yourself!!  

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