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I'll re-introduce myself since I haven't posted for a while.

I'm an MSN prepared psych nurse and work part time for a Home Health Care agency in a large Canadian city.

I feel lucky, since I am not burdened with insurance stuff or my documentation having to conform to certain codes (like you guys).

I get paid per hourly visit. If an admission takes an hour and a half, (which it always does) I get paid for one hour's work.

I worked twelve hours seeing patients this week (and you know how IMPOSSIBLE it is to get out the door with mental health patients). One actually held on to my leg and was dragged on the floor as I tried to get out!

I did six hours extra this week of 1) phone calls to my case managers, families, patients, doctors, the office 2) paperwork 3) driving (mileage and time not reimbursed). I will NOT be paid for these 6 hours, this week or any week. I try and do my verbal reports on my cellphone while I am driving. Not a good idea safety wise and I have to pay the bill for it, anyway.

I am FURIOUS. I am the only mental health nurse because no one else has even applied, so my geographic area is quite large. I think they think I will put up with anything, because I do have some perks around my scheduling, and no weekends, or call...But I can't even contemplate asking for more money; I've already asked, and my boss has said I am too compulsive and pay too much attention to detail and all these extra hours are because I am not managing my time well. I love my patients and the job itself for the most part.

What should I do? I feel like I am going crazy. I do work at night like a teacher, calling families, leaving messages, paperwork, etc...I can't work less or do it any more efficiently, but at the same time, feel SO abused since my time is not recognized financially. How can I not make these calls or do this unfinished paperwork? It's a no win. Don't you just hate the "well if we do this for you, we'd have to do it for everyone" style of management? That's what I get.

My husband thinks I should bring a kitchen timer in for every visit and when the bell goes off, "we'll have to stop" and I am on my way. :)

I should mention that some of the med-surg nurses do 15 minute visits, get paid what I do per visit, but see 15-20 pts. a day. I understand they are making close to $ 100,000 CDN a year!!! :(

What's wrong with this picture? :o

I'd really appreciate your comments and suggestions. Anything that will knock any extra unpaid time off my day would be heavenly!


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