Out of state contract??

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I recently moved to Massachusetts, where I work in non-nursing job. I am not licensed in MA. The BON in my home state (Nu Jsy) contacted me about suspected diversion and enrolling in atd program. I spoke with a nurse attorney who told me that I may have to return to participate in the program. 

Is that normal?? I haven't gotten the paperwork yet, but it seems odd considering most of the program can be done remotely. 


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To give an update, if you live out of state it does not matter. You can do the program anywhere, the only thing is that you have to do xyz treatment and 30 days after you can get a contract. If you have no intention of being a nurse again, you can just fulfill the requirements. They are accommodating to the fact that people move. The only thing is if you want to get a nursing job, you have to re-activate your license. That requires more. They will make sure that your new state has the same length of time but be advised you'd be under the new state's jurisdiction. 

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