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Anyone applying to the 1st spring (full spring) class of 2015?

Also, I have a question regarding the quarter hour credits. I saw this mentioned in a post somewhere on the forums here but nothing on their website. Are the core nursing classes 0.25 as compared to a full semester 1 credit hour? I'm asking because my GPA is just below a 3.0 and have over 200 credit hours, so it will take quite a bit of credit hours of A's to raise it. If they are 0.25 of the normal, are the prereqs also in 0.25? I had a 3 credit hour stats class but it seems most required were 4 credit hours worth.


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I have been accepted to start in the Spring semester. I am sort of confused by your question. OU's program is based on semester hours, not quarter hours. Most of the classes are 3 or 4 credits, even in the 5 week format. I am awaiting my DARs and also have a 3 credit Stats course that I am hoping will fill the requirement, I will let you know once I get my DARs back.


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I am starting 4510 this Spring. Are you starting this class? There are Facebook pages for the program and one specific for this class. Look in the files section on these Facebook pages for resources and information. Best wishes on a successful class.

Search Facebook for these:

Ohio University RN to BSN online-academic outreach initiative

Ohio University 4510 Jan 2015


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How was the class? I am scheduled to start March 23 :)

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I'm almost positive you need a 4 credit hour stats class so don't hold your breath on that one....