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OU NP progrtam


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I'm thinking about starting the NP program at OU in the Fall. I have a few questions. What are the "on campus intensives"? Is this program doable with working and a family? Also do you need to find your own preceptors? Any suggestions or hints that would be helpful. I received my BSN online so I am familiar with online work.

Thank you


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Yes, you currently have to find your own preceptors, but the school notified students of any clinical placement spots open that they are aware of. They also provide a list of individuals who have previously preceptored.

Secondly, the program is doable with family and work, but it is challenging. I am in my last semester and have a wife, 3 children (11, 3, and 1), and worked full time throughout the program. However, it definitely was not the easiest thing I have done, but definitely doable.

The ok campus intensive are where you physically go to campus. The first is an introduction to the program, instructors, expectations, etc. There is also another where you have a mock patient and do an assessment, diagnose the patient, and formulate a plan. This is done before you start clinicals. I basically took it as an opportunity for the school to make sure you are ready to begin clinicals where you are actually representing the school. In other words, I don't think the school would be in favor of sending a completely incompetent student into a clinical setting wearing a school lab coat.... Nevertheless, they aren't as bad as what you may think.

Overall, it's been a great program to be a part of, it's been tough at times, but I can definitely see the light.

I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do.


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Thank you! How did you do? Are you glad you are done?!?! lol