OU 2018 ABSN Program (2017 applicant)


Would love to have a support group for people planning on applying to OU's 2018 ABSN program! October seems so far away and yet I'm stressing over this daily. I can't imagine not getting in and a year of more waiting.

Me: I can only apply to the Tulsa program. The best I can do by mid October is a 3.58 gpa for last 60 and a 4.0 on science, but two (Physiology and Micro) will be in progress. All other prereqs will be completed, but Anatomy will have to be done at a 2 year college. So nervous!

Anybody else?


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Hi Jwalk06n!

I am nervous too! I want to know some stats on how many applicants made it in whenever they had a lot of science prerequisites still left to complete. I have 7 hours of sciences left (Anat & Phys Labs & and Micro lecture/lab). I think that is really going to hurt me. I have heard they put a heavy emphasis on how many prerequisites are complete at the time of application. That is mainly because they don't want to admit someone who drops or doesn't pass a class and then can't enter the nursing program. Your GPAs look good, though, I think.


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I am in the same boat! I won't be done with physiology until December and I'm taking micro in the spring. I have a 3.9 gpa and 4.0 science. Just wish I knew how much emphasis is put on prereqs being complete! My backup plan is to just do the traditional program if I don't get into the absn this year. Figure it will be less stressful and similar graduation date.


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I'm not sure exactly how much emphasis is put on having all prerequisites done by the time of the application. I applied last year and am applying again this year. Last year I was missing 2 science courses (physiology and microbiology) and got waitlisted. I am hoping having everything done this year and getting A's in those courses to bring my GPA up a bit will help tremendously and get me in. The waiting game is tough. We found out November 16th last year, so about 6 weeks to wait. I wish y'all luck! I'm applying to the OKC program


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Hi everyone!

I'm so nervous. I am expecting not to get in our waitlisted because I have not completed human anatomy or physiology (in it right now) yet. My GPA's are pretty good. I am just stressed since I don't have those pre-req's finished. If I don't get in I most likely will apply to traditional program.