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OU ABSN - Interviews Oct/Nov 2010


So, here we are again. The next round of interviews for Oakland University Accelerated program are being scheduled. Is anyone else scheduled for an interview? Does anyone have any tips for getting in? I've interviewed before, but I was so nervous I don't think I let the interviewers know who I was. I sure hope I have a better interview this time. :) Fingers crossed!

I'm scheduled for an interview too. Good luck!! eeeeeek Has anyone had one? When do we find out??

I know we are supposed to find out no later than December 15th. I am hoping we find out much sooner though. :) I take it that your interview is scheduled for next week? Mine was last week. I think it went OK. The fact that they are only 15 minutes is a little nerve-racking. Good luck!

yep! Dang thats a long wait!!! I'm soooo nervous!!! Do you know if they are only taking 50 people still? Ive been hearing 50-73 from several people so I dont know which to believe!

I don't know for sure, but I thought it was just 50 people per cohort. Of course, taking more people would increase our chances so I will hope for more. Haha. I would just go with 50, that way you will be aware of worst-case-senario. I figure that is better than counting on something that may not be. Let me know how your interview goes. Do you know a lot of other people who are interviewing?

no I dont know anyone else. Someone on another thread said they got asked to move up from May to January though. I'll let you know how mine goes!!

How was your interview, prettygirl5?

Have you heard anything prettygirl5? I haven't heard a thing. I was just wondering if anyone has received an acceptance or rejection letter yet.

hey evansmom!! Sorry I have not been on here in awhile. My interview went pretty well i think. I guess we will wait and see what my letter says! I havent received anything yet. I was hoping to hear by this week. Do you think they are waiting for the semester to be over? I read somewhere someone said we would hear by Dec 15...did you hear that? Seems like too long of a wait! ahhhhh

I think they will maybe wait until finals are over to fill in peoples final grades that are finishing up the pre-reqs.

Maybe (about the grades). And yes, I did say that I received a letter saying we would know by December 15th. I got that letter before I even interviewed. I got it after they received my application. Did they not send it out to everyone? How odd...