OSU-OKC Nursing Fall 2018 Waitlisted

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Hey everyone,

I haven't seen anyone post much about the waitlist. I applied to OSU-OKC with 86 points. I felt pretty good about this once I realized I had in fact 86 and not 83 like I was originally thinking. Well, with this semester the cut off being 87 I am now devastated and not sure how to feel about being waitlisted. I called up to the school and the lady said only people with 86 points got waitlisted this time around. She couldn't tell me how far down the list I was, just that only people with 86 points were on the waitlist making me think there must be quite a few of us 86ers! How many people usually get pulled off the waitlist and into a spot typically? I'm so so nervous! Thanks for any help!

That's a tough one. It solely depends on the number of students who do not accept their spot in the program. It varies so much from semester to semester that I cannot give you any sort of average/specific number/etc. If you would like to talk more, please feel free to reach out to me via email at ([email protected]). I signed your letter. I would post my email here, but I do not want to end up the recipient of a ton of spam! :-)



Students have till may 9 to confirm their spots so there might be a chance.

Have you heard anything tpayne11? I'm wondering if they will call some more people on the list.

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